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French Broad River whitewater rafting in North Carolina, near Asheville, Black Mountain and Lake Lure, NC. THE FRENCH BROAD is older than the mountains in which it now finds itself.

It existed before a huge landmass crashed into the eastern shores of the main body of land that is now North America. When the collision took place, over thousands of years in duration and millions of years ago, the land slowly buckled and began the formation of the Appalachian Chain. As the mountains gained height, the river kept flowing, cutting into and through them as they rose.

The French Broad River flows from near Rosman in Transylvania County, North Carolina, into Tennessee. Its confluence with the Holston River at Knoxville, Tennessee is considered to be the headwaters of the Tennessee River. It was originally named for being one of two broad rivers in western North Carolina . The one which flowed into formerly French territory was named the French Broad, and the other which stayed in English territory (the American colonies) was named the English Broad, now just the Broad River.

The river begins west of the Eastern Continental Divide, and therefore actually flows northwest through the Appalachian Mountains. The river flows through the city of Asheville, North Carolina, where it picks up the Swannanoa River.

Flowing for 210 miles through western North Carolina northward into Tennessee, the French Broad River joins the Holston River outside of Knoxville to create the famous Tennessee River. On the way, it boasts of two sizable tributaries: the Pigeon River and Nolichucky River. The French Broad River was an important settlers’ route from the southeast coastal states into Tennessee during the colonial period.

Let’s go French Broad River whitewater rafting in North Carolina! USA Raft – rafting outfitter near Asheville, North Carolina. Call 1-866-USA-Raft for your French Broad River whitewater rafting trip in North Carolina (NC), near Asheville, Hot Springs, Wolf Laurel, Black Mountain and Boone, North Carolina (NC). Family whitewater rafting in NC – rafting fun and adventure in North Carolina on the French Broad River.

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