We are proud to offer the first, if not only, OneWheel rental program in the country at our Nolichucky property! All rentals include a minimum 15-minute lesson. If you show up with experience we will need to confirm that during the allotted lesson time. For rentals 2 hours or less, we require you to stay on our property and enjoy the varied terrain and trail system we offer including a smooth blacktop road. We even have a ramped box with many levels if you want to up your jib game in a terrain park like setting.

Helmet, gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads required. USA Raft Adventure Resort is happy to supply these.

We have worked hard on a unique lesson and teaching syllabus for this awesome new board sport. Our lesson starts on sand and moves to grass and then might go to trail, gravel or road riding depending on comfort level. We find that slowly riding around our grassy riverfront with a paddle for stability and starting/stopping is a successful way to teach. We have taught people from ages 6 to 60 how to safely enjoy riding a Onewheel within your individual comfort zone. Our instructors have 100’s of riding hours on all terrain types and conditions.


•$75 for 2 hr lesson and ride
•$55 2 hour rental( if proven no lesson needed)
•$100 24hr rental
•$250 weekend rental (you may take them wherever you want, no planes though) this will require a deposit of $1499.

Want to buy a Onewheel after your experience? All rentals and lesson costs will be deducted from your purchase (if purchased within 48 hrs of renting)

Call for more information and reservations 1-800-872-7238

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