Q: Who can raft? All of our rivers have age requirements. Anyone who meets the age requirements for a specific river and is in healthy physical condition can raft. Our trips are divided up into separate categories for all ages and experience levels. USA Raft is also able to accommodate most disabilities. Pregnant women should not raft. If you have a specific question, please feel free to email us or give us a call at 1-800-USA-Raft.

Q: What happens if there is bad weather? Our trips go rain or shine. You’re going to get wet anyway. Trips are rarely canceled. If there is a problem our reservation staff will notify you as soon as possible.

Q: What is a ‘Duck’? A ‘Duck’ is a cross between a kayak and a raft. Stable, sturdy and easy to maneuver, ducks are a delightful way to paddle a river. It doesn’t take an expert boater to handle one. We offer ducks to first timers on many trips. Double ducks are for 2 people.

Q: What is a ThrillKat™? ThrillKats™ are designed to be super stable. Great for first-time paddlers and experienced rafters alike, this catamaran style inflatable handles rapids well.

Q: What should I wear? During the Spring and Fall the weather and water can be cool. Swimsuits, water-proof windbreakers or jackets, wool or polypropylene shirts, and wool socks are ideal. Wetsuits, as well as spray-jackets and boots, are available to rent at our outpost on a first come, first serve basis. Summer months are generally warmer and usually a swimsuit and shorts are fine. T-shirts can also be worn for protection from the sun, as well as a baseball cap and sun glasses. Please remember to wear sunscreen. Shoes: Shoes are required for all of our rafting trips. Tennis shoes or sandals with a heel strap are allowed. PLEASE NO FLIP FLOPS. Cotton is not recommended. (This includes jeans and sweatshirts.) When it is wet, it robs your body of heat and is unsuitable for physical activity. Synthetic clothing is best.

Q: How safe is rafting? We know that you are concerned about rafting as a group activity. As with any physical activity there is risk of injury involved in rafting. As a professional rafting outfitter, our job is to minimize that risk through preparation, guide training, and high-quality equipment. Team USA has some of the highest skilled on-river staff you’ll find anywhere. Our guide staff completes a rigorous training program and must be certified First-Aid and CPR before taking customers on the water. In addition, USA Raft has made a substantial investment in high performance equipment to enhance the overall quality or your rafting experience. This effort is being made to maintain out standards of excellence for all of you.

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